Aerial Mapping


What is aerial mapping?

Aerial mapping is the process of using aerial photography or other remote sensing methods to create detailed maps of a specific area.

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This mapping can be used in a variety of industries, including land surveying and agricultural planning.  With recent advances in drone technology, it is becoming increasingly popular as it offers lower costs and greater precision compared to traditional mapping methods.

Compared with traditional mapping techniques such as satellite imagery and aircraft photography, mapping with drones offer exceptional versatility, flexibility and resolution to capture data in even the most challenging environments.

Whether it’s mapping a construction site or analysing crop growth, aerial mapping allows for unparalleled insights into the landscape from above.

Site Drone Inspection

What can I do with aerial mapping?

    Drone Surveying Land Works


    Aerial mapping technology offers unique advantages for construction project planning and progress monitoring.

    Using drones to capture overhead images, detailed mapping can be completed quickly and safely, without the need for lots of on-site personnel. This mapping can then be used to control costs, track construction progress, and plan logistical operations with precision.

    In addition, it can also aid in identifying and addressing potential hazards, ensuring a safe working environment for all involved.

    As the construction industry continues to incorporate innovative technologies, aerial mapping is proving to be a valuable tool for streamlining operations and increasing efficiency.


    The mapping of ecology habitats is essential for monitoring and preserving biodiversity. Traditional mapping techniques, like ground surveys, can be time-consuming and potentially harmful to wildlife. Aerial mapping, on the other hand, uses aerial imagery to quickly and accurately map a landscape’s ecology habitats.

    This technique can provide valuable insight into the distribution and health of wildlife populations, as well as pinpoint areas in need of conservation efforts. It can also assist with environmental impact assessments and inform land management decisions.

    In short, aerial mapping is a crucial tool that helps us better understand and protect our ecological resources.  Drones are increasingly being used for this mapping process as they offer improved accuracy and greater accessibility to remote locations. Overall, it offers a practical solution in the preservation of our precious ecological habitats.

    What can we deliver?

    We can deliver high resolution

    • Orthorectified imagery to provide detailed visual data
    • Topographic maps for understanding the layout and content of the land
    • Detailed site plans with up to date visual data showing your facility
    • Current hazard plans for inductions, site management and safety briefings
    • Large format wall imagery for displays, inductions, planning and logistics exercises

    As a RICS Technology Partner, we pride ourselves on advising you on both the best and the most cost-effective solutions for your project. We can provide comprehensive advice to solve any problems you encounter whilst undertaking your routine and project specific tasks. If you have any questions, please reach out at any time.

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