Drone Surveys: Specialist aerial mapping and aerial surveying

CAA Accredited pilots approved for commercial operations.

  • Centimetre accurate drone surveys and inspections – for all industries
  • Highest safety standards – fully insured with £5m Public Liability
  • Comprehensive and reliable data from industry leading reporting software

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Conventional aerial surveying has been revolutionised with drone surveys from the air. The results include enhanced safety and enhanced data quality and improved capture efficiency – all alongside financial savings.

As survey and inspection specialists, Pathfinder Drone delivers a turnkey solution for drone surveys.  We understand the advantages and limitations of drone solutions and provide the best consultancy advice on the technology to deliver your objectives.

Drone Inspection of Land Works

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Benefits of using Drone Surveys

Our fast, specialist and safe services ensure dramatically reduced survey hours. By removing the need for slow traditional methods using GPS or total station solutions we can save cost, management time and a huge range of risks.

Using mesh and point cloud deliverables, your engineers can remain in the office while improving delivery times, cost effectiveness and safety in a single leap.

The use of drones is also less intrusive and disruptive to working sites, especially those with moving vehicles. Working from overhead means we don’t have to set up stations or exclusion zones in dangerous or active work areas, allowing your staff to continue to work freely.

A land survey is a key marker at the start of almost every construction and infrastructure project and having it done accurately is paramount. At Pathfinder we combine traditional topographic survey technology and modern drone survey techniques to produce a cost and time effective solution.

Trained and Competent Operators

Our staff are surveyors first and foremost, drone operators second. That means you can rest assured that while using drone surveys may be new, the concepts and knowledge behind the data are the same.

Our staff are qualified to fly under the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)

Our operatives come with a CSCS card and the experience to back up our promises. Our team is first aid trained and our vehicles carry first aid kits and fire extinguishers to ensure that we are ready to react to any emergency.

RICS Technology Partner

As a RICS Technology Partner, our commitment to investment in cutting-edge solutions is a given. Our fleet includes a suite of drones with bespoke specifications flown by experienced, specialist pilots.

This flight team is, in turn supported by processors with cutting-edge in-house CAD and DTM modelling software to ensure your project data is delivered smoothly and efficiently.

Producing 2D and 3D data allows us to produce data for any CAD suite your workflow demands, allowing seamless integration into your existing workflows.

Cloud Collaboration

The use of full 3D data provided by drone surveys allows better coordination between contractors, clients and other stakeholders in any project.

As a RICS Technology Partner, we always aim to deliver cross sector benefits to improve the value we deliver to clients and improve the development of both built environment and engineering projects.

Full cloud integration allows your project staff and stakeholders to view, engage and integrate their own workflows into one seamless platform.

Limiting your workflow to dated systems with limited sharing potential can cause a huge range of issues – feel free to ask about our cloud platform to see if it could benefit your project.

Photogrammetry vs LIDAR

At Pathfinder we provide a range of solutions. The two main aerial survey technologies currently are photogrammetry and LIDAR.

Photogrammetry involves taking photos and running them through software which then allows you to build a 3D model in the form of point cloud or mesh files.

LIDAR drone surveys involve using laser beams to take direct measurements from the angle and laser range finder payload to produce the point cloud through a “direct measurement”.

Photogrammetry is the most readily available solution and usually delivers a most cost effective solution whereas LIDAR comes at a higher price point but can counter some of situations in which photogrammetry falls short.

Both photogrammetry and LIDAR have their own advantages and Pathfinder assess the pros and cons of each and advise on the most reliable and cost effective solution for your use case.

Drone Surveys

Delivering full surveying solutions

This combination of specialist drones and pilots, investment in software and systems and a commitment to deliver the very best data ensures we deliver the highest quality and most and cost-effective solutions for any aerial surveying or inspection project.

  • Traditional surveys
  • Terrestrial scanning
  • Aerial photogrammetry
  • Aerial LiDAR
  • Topographic surveys
  • Measured building surveys
  • Schedule of conditions.
  • Terrain modelling and cut/fill analysis using a combination of drone survey technology combined with traditional GNSS and total station equipment to produce hybrid methodology models with superior accuracy.
  • Mobile mapping
  • Gas surveys

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Inspections & Surveys

State-of-the-art UAVs and hi-resolution 4k imaging deliver live on-the-ground feed capability, orthomosaics, improved reporting and complex data analysis.

Infrastructure, FM & Utilities

Infrastructure investments, buildings, windfarms, solar installations, electrical, water, radio and mobile installations all demand high level inspection and monitoring surveying.

Environmental Contracting & Landfill

With specialist experience in environmental contracting and landfill, our UAV operators can quickly, simply and safely overcome all manner of access issues from steep slopes and sheer edge projects to imagery in open water.

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