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  • Centimetre accurate drone surveys and inspections – for all industries
  • Highest safety standards – fully insured with £5m Public Liability
  • Comprehensive and reliable data from industry leading reporting software

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As survey and drone inspection specialists, we combine traditional inspection methods with unmanned UAV surveying ? technology to deliver the best quality data at the best price.

UAV sourced reports are no different from traditional inspection reports – except you’ll have more information from better angles, acquired in the safest way possible.

Routine inspections of infrastructure at height and all areas that are more challenging to access, are almost always better with drone reports as part of your maintenance schedule.
Our fast, specialist and safe services ensure dramatically reduced inspection hours.

By removing the need for slow and painful rope access or scaffolding we can save cost, management time and working at height risks.

Using our remote video feed capabilities, your engineer never need leave the office again.
Direct the payload operator to get the angles you need and then keep the video for your records. We can produce 3D models for bridges and roofs, geolocated for annual comparison of subsidence or drift, with accuracy levels as low as 30mm.

Using our cloud-based analysis platform you can view, annotate and export reports.

With a low annual subscription you can use the platform to keep records permanently and provide your subcontractors with points of interest for repairs to keep things simple and help improve you maintenance workflows.


Benefits of drone inspections

Rapid mobilisation

When an urgent physical investigation by MEWP or scaffold is needed, a drone inspection can often deliver confirmation that a manned inspection is safe – or not.

We’re used to being called out for rapid mobilisation and will always help if we can.



Working with specialist payloads

Our pilots are experienced at working as part of a broader team to carry specialist payloads as diverse as methane detection equipment and quantification lasers, to optical gas imaging for leak detection.

We’re always happy to discuss the best approach for a specific requirement for detection or imaging.


Safer working

Nearly half of the workplace deaths in 2021/22 stemmed from working at height or being struck by dropped or moving objects. That’s a staggering and tragic statistic. Safety has to be the paramount consideration.

In the vast majority of inspections that involve working at height or in potentially dangerous access locations, a drone inspection will be the most cost-effective and, critically, safest solution. You can achieve a detailed report, quickly and effectively, without putting anyone at any risk.

Surveys of large flat roofs, often a complex and expensive challenge for manual inspection, are easily delivered with a drone inspection.

Don’t limit yourself to a pole camera. Get the angles you actually need with flexible and mobile solutions capable of actually seeing your subject. By allowing you freedom to move in all three dimensions we can provide a host of information you would otherwise not have access to.

Cost Effectiveness

With small equipment instead of large plant or scaffolding, our mobilisation is not only faster but often cheaper. Integrating simple and fast inspection packages into your maintenance routine can drastically reduce downtime for manual inspections.

You can also reduce your risk of outages through a more frequent drone survey inspection regime, allowing you to detect and fix faults before they become problems. By staying on top of this maintenance you can increase productivity, reduce your carbon footprint and your ongoing maintenance costs overall.


RICS Technology Partner

As a RICS Technology Partner we understand the cutting edge technology available to us.

But we’re consultants too and as such we will always advise a client honestly and objectively when a traditional or manual approach would be the best way forward.

If you have any questions about the suitability of drone technology for a project, we will provide no obligation information and advice. Feel free to reach out any time on 01329 887 337.


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