Our drone inspection services facilitate precision industrial inspection with speedy, simple, safe and cost-effective data capture and high-resolution imagery.

  • 3D modelling, CAD and BIM integration
  • Volumetric measurements
  • Dramatically reduced surveying hours
  • Improved processes and reporting
  • Impressive data collection and analysis


In the petrochemicals sector, our operators have worked on high-risk sites with the British Pipeline Association and ExxonMobil.

This experience, combined with state-of-the art equipment allows us to fly in and around petrochemical extraction, refinery and manufacturing facilities and similar installations simply, safely and cost-effectively.

Our fast, specialist and safe services ensure dramatically reduced surveying hours, improved processes and reporting, superb 4K images and impressive data collection and analysis. Drone inspections are both faster and safer than sending personnel to work at height.

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Inspections & Surveys

State-of-the-art UAVs and hi-resolution 4k imaging deliver live on-the-ground feed capability, orthomosaics, improved reporting and complex data analysis.

Infrastructure, FM & Utilities

Infrastructure investments, buildings, windfarms, solar installations, electrical, water, radio and mobile installations all demand high level inspection and monitoring surveying.

Environmental Contracting & Landfill

With specialist experience in environmental contracting and landfill, our UAV operators can quickly, simply and safely overcome all manner of access issues from steep slopes and sheer edge projects to imagery in open water.

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