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Pathfinder Drone, based in Hampshire, is a family owned and operated business committed to the highest levels of service, safety, technology and innovation.

Pathfinder at GeoBusiness 2021

GeoBusiness was back this year! We managed to get there, and it was paired with Digital Construction Week, it was a great combination with plenty to see! As the first trade show I’ve been back to post COVID, I must say I really enjoyed chatting to everyone and seeing...

Why would I use a drone to do my inspections?

Power lines, cell or radio towers, antenna, satellite dishes, and roofs have always needed someone to inspect them on a regular basis. Historically, this is usually done with a scaffold or rope access but more and more, companies are moving away from these resource...

Why would I use a drone to do my survey?

Using drones to do surveying is not new, however, the technology has come a long way in the last 5 years with commercially available drones now being able to produce quality, reliable results for a fraction of the cost of using a manned aircraft. The speed at which...

Drone Survey & Inspection Cost

A drone survey or inspection can cost anything from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand. Each flight is bespoke, dependent on a host of factors from objectives and length of flight to technicalities of the project, pre-planning and post-processing. It is critical...

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