Once your materials management plan (MMP) is in place, you have an obligation to track any material you handle under it. Where it comes from, where it goes, how it’s handled and what (if any) treatment it has had. This isn’t too complicated on greenfield sites where you have a single clean source material but on a large brownfield site you may have dozens (if not hundreds) of sources to classify and potentially dozens of outputs as well as all the stockpile management in between.


Being able to track the material in an auditable way is critical to ensure regulator sign-off at the end of any remediation or bulk earthworks project. This is where the Pathfinder’s UAV monitoring service comes in. We deliver volume tracking and reports to ensure all material being moved around your site is accurately reported. We also provide visual confirmation in the form of an accurate site map. With an accuracy of 30mm, it is equivalent to using a GPS rover however you can take a lot more detail from a full 3D model.


With a single visit, we can provide full stockpile volumetrics as well as a tracking spreadsheet. We can offer this with a waste/material transfer note record-keeping service, tracking material on and off site in line with your MMP. Depending on the speed of your program and your tracking requirements, we can scale from a twice weekly visit to one visit a month to ensure that you can reconcile your MMP with your activities.


For sites without an MMP, for example greenfield sites where the arisings are going straight offsite, stockpile reports and cut/fill volumes can be prepared to assist your project managers, quantity surveyors and site managers in costing, schedule management and safety.


We produce an accurate plan view which can be blown up to cover a whole wall if needed and use this to detail the stockpiles for management and a convenient spreadsheet to match data against it.


If you are interested in hearing more about our volume reports, feel free to call me on 01329 887337 or drop me an email harry@pathfinderdrone.co.uk.